Interactive arduino lamp, which takes the color of the sea surface in real-time.


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— 01. Overview

In 2012 I decided to start a personal creative challenge in which every year, I force myself to learn to do something absolutely new and which will be a challenge for me (related or not with my design background).

This projects serve both as an indicator of personal growth and as brain gymnastics, which forces me out of my comfort zone and keeps my creativity sharp.

In 2018, I designed an interactive device, to learn about sensors, microelectronics and Arduino. My goal was to work with light, learn to control it and modulate it.

The concept of this project is based on emphasizing the most basic compositing elements: light, color, movement and sound, in the stimulation of the human brain, looking to generate a concrete reaction or a mental state in the viewer.

This was based on the theory of positive psychology of the "State of Flow" by Mihály Csikszentmiháyi, which speaks of moments of maximum attention and concentration, in which you are enjoying so much of what you're doing that you forget about time and what happens around you

— 02. Concept

I have also investigated the idea of ​​"contemplation", understood as an attentive, calm and pleasant observation of a reality.

For all the above, the idea of ​​this project is to design and produce an interactive artifact that generates visual stimuli, to favor active meditation states in the viewer and/or user.

The first prototype is presented as a volumetric frame, hung on a wall in a dark space.

It is a set of pyramidal modular pieces, inspired by origami art, in which color gradations are retroprojected with a "hypnotic" movement, representing the surface of the sea in real time, in colors and movement

— 03. My personal opinion

The outcomes of my personal creative challenges are, always, the ones with whom I feel really fulfilled as a designer.

Self-taught learning, self-management and self-motivation are processes that define my most personal work very particularly.

In "Flow" I will highlight the amount of processes that I have been able to learn, not only programming, but also when it comes to building both microelectronics and laser cutting, construction with origami, ...

I am still amazed that I have been able to build something such meaningful and beautiful, that achieves this contemplative state in the viewer.

One more year, I fulfill my goal of challenging myself and achieving it, which leads me to the conclusion that what matters is commitment with continuous improvement and perseverance.

*Download the case study and code, if you want your own “Flow”.

01. Overview

02. Concept

03. My personal opinion

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