Performative Crossmedia Workshop & workshow, in collaboration with la Fura dels Baus.


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Research, Production plans, Interaction

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— 01. Overview

Epicalab Foundation proposes to work with the creative methodology of the Fura dels Baus, its technology (Kallíope) and its content axes (science, art and technology) in a live event, developed in its facilities, whose format will be that of cross-media micro-stories and interaction with the public, under the same theme of "The Brain".

The idea is to prepare a "show" for about 100 spectators, using a technology developed ad hoc for the Fura, called Kalliope, based on crossmedia narratives, in which the public is made to participate by using their own mobile devices integrated in the show.

— 02. Concept

As a professor of multimedia project management, my task is to propose and guide the student in the realization of integral projects in which the student must be autonomous, take their creativity to the limit and explore new languages ​​and channels.

In this subject students are expected to face professional reality through a real assignment, exploration of audiovisual design trends, non-linear narratives and crossmedia, and technology applied to the performing arts.

In this semester we work with interactive and non-linear projects, emphasizing user research and interaction with the project, and emphasizing the work of prototyping and subsequent staging of the projects that are carried out.

With this goal in mind, I have worked with schools and companies though years, that collaborate to make the challenge, such as ESADE, Vysion 360 and this year with Epicalab - La Fura dels Baus.

The purpose of the Epicalab Foundation is to promote solidary and creative thinking in the field of performing arts, through the interaction of different groups and the introduction of new scientific and technological elements, contributing to the definition of the future culture of the performing arts.

This collaboration is born from the common interest of collaborating in a transfer of knowledge project, in which the Epicalab Foundation will provide Kalliope technology and their huge experience in the development of crossmedia live shows through the creative and technical supervision of the projects, and BAU students they will contribute with the ideas and the contents.

The public downloads an application on the mobile and answers a series of questions, which allow them to be segmented by groups afterwards and thus be able to determine what type of messages they receive depends on which group.

Very interesting answers are generated as visual mosaics through the screens, quests, ambisonic and environmental sound, management of the sensors of their mobile phones from the dashboard of the application (flash, speakers and others ...)

This project must be taken as a professional assignment, so there are weekly deadlines, and short, medium and long term presentations.

The projects are presented and worked directly with the management of the Foundation and the intention of both parties is to work closely and co-creatively, so that they will work intensively in their facilities the days before the final presentation.

The skills that we work specifically, and in which we will place special emphasis on this collaboration will be:

  • Self-management
  • Teamwork
  • Commitment to the result

— 03. My personal opinion

Every student made special emphasis on the richness of working with professionals from different fields: Acting director, art director, technical directors, professional & technological resources... The fact of surrounding themselves with professionals who treated them as equals and expected a lot from them made them "believe it".

Both for my students and for me, it has been a very intense experience of immersion in the world of live shows, of creativity and innovation, and of teamwork, difficult to acquire in the academic environments in which we usually work.

01. Overview

02. Concept

03. My personal opinion

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